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We investigate and defend those involved in governmental investigations including health care fraud and white collar crime.

White Collar, LLC delivers a holistic approach, through the same viewpoint of the healthcare industry, by leveraging our years of in-depth experience working with an expansive group of industry players and leaders.

We have an in-depth knowledge of industry regulations and more.

Including those dealing with Medicare and Medicaid–and experience in fraud and abuse, advanced data science and financial investigations differentiates White Collar LLC’s approach and ability to help clients detect, investigate and validate regulatory and compliance measures.

100% Engagement

White Collar LLC has engaged with providers of every type (including but not necessarily limited to hospitals, home health agencies, nursing and long-term care facilities, hospice entities, DME, physicians, dentists, surgery, outpatient facilities and physician-owned entities) in a variety of roles for over 37 years.


White Collar LLC

White Collar, LLC is skilled in working with providers, relators and legal counsel.

We have worked with Relators and their counsel in addressing allegations of fraud and abuse, having worked with the Department of Justice, HHS/OIG, Medicaid Fraud Control Units, States’ Attorneys’ General and Medicaid agencies across the United States.

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Reliable and Efficient

The business and healthcare communities routinely rely on the expertise of our professionals in financial forensic matters, including governmental investigations, health care fraud and abuse, expert witness testimony, litigation support services and services related to compliance, reimbursement, and investigative support.
Our experts have developed solid reputations for independence, sound reasoning, and judgment, leading-edge analytics, and accuracy Over the years our experts have established a solid reputation built on freedom when addressing the complex and diverse issues associated with healthcare and business matters.
Our diverse and highly specialized practice serves law firms, large and small, small businesses, corporation and governmental agencies and entities.