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We represent and provide leading-edge services to attorneys, federal & state agencies, and those involved in governmental agencies. We are focused and highly-skilled in healthcare fraud & abuse, and associated white-collar crimes.
White Collar, LLC delivers a comprehensive approach to healthcare fraud, abuse and white-collar crimes by using in-depth experience, expertise and data tools for the benefit of our clients.
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We are experts in Whisteblower/Qui Tam cases, with in-depth knowledge of industry regulations – and more.
Including those dealing with Medicare and Medicaid – and experience in fraud and abuse, advanced data science and financial investigations differentiates White Collar LLC’s approach and ability to help clients detect, investigate and validate regulatory and compliance measures.
We have handled cases involving the False Claims Act (FCA), anti-kickbacks, and Medicare regulations, and have worked with 13 Medicare agencies, as well as multiple managed car facilities. We know fraud schemes, use cutting-edge data mining and analytic techniques, advanced data science to detect and investigate fraud and abuse.

100% Engagement

White Collar LLC has been involved in fraud and abuse matters affecting every type of healthcare business, including managed health plans, both governmental and commercial. This includes:
  • Hospitals
  • Long-Term Care
  • Home Health Hospice
  • FQHC's
  • RHC's
    Health Plans:
  • Anthem
  • AmeriHealth
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Blue Cross
  • Tufts Health Plan
  • United Healthcare
White Collar, LLC is skilled in working with providers, whistleblowers and counsel.
We have worked with whistleblowers and counsel in addressing allegations of fraud and abuse, having worked with the Department of Justice; US HHS/OIG; Medicaid Fraud Control Units; States’ Attorneys’ General; Medicaid agencies; US Attorney’s, FRI, DCIS; and financial crime units across the country.
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Reliable and Efficient

Attorneys and those in the healthcare arena rely on our expertise in governmental investigations, health care fraud and abuse, and expert witness testimony, as well as compliance, reimbursement, and investigative support. Our team of experts have developed solid reputations for independence, sound reasoning, and judgment, leading-edge analytics, and accuracy. Over the years, we have established a solid reputation built on our credentials and experience, while addressing the complex and diverse issues associated with healthcare, and fraud and abuse.
Our diverse and highly specialized practice serves law firms, healthcare entities, corporation and governmental agencies and entities.