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Pair Could Face 20 Years in Prison after Pleading Guilty to Illegally Obtaining and Distributing a Controlled Dangerous Substance

Two people were charged recently with distributing controlled dangerous substances illegally. In federal court on June 30, 2021, 33-year-old Naaman Rashad Jackson of Montgomery, Alabama, pled guilty to the charge. On July 8, 39-year-old Shayla Denise Moorer from Suwanee, Georgia, also entered a guilty plea.

The pair were indicted along with 13 other people in April of 2021 of conspiring to distribute oxycodone illegally. Oxycodone is a controlled substances that is labeled Schedule II.

Investigators are unsure when the scheme first began, but it continued through April of 2020. The pair participated in the scheme with Deandre Varnel Gross. He pleaded guilty to charges for his role at a previous date.

Court records say the Moorer and Jackson came to an agreement with some associates to first obtain oxycodone prescriptions from a physician in Montgomery, D’livro Lemat Beauchamp. Neither person had a valid medical reason to have the prescriptions.

In many cases, the two received new prescriptions without ever visiting the doctor. They were able to do so by getting the scripts from other people who were part of the conspiracy.

After getting the scripts, they would fill them at a local pharmacy. After obtaining the oxycodone, they would sell either all of the pills or some of them to other people.

Moorer admitted to receiving a prescription for the first time around April 18 of 2014. Jackson said he received his first script around July 3, 2013.

After that point, they each received a script from Beauchamp roughly once a month. Moorer said she continued participating in this scheme until March 2020, while Jackson said he continued until April 2020.

In that time, Moorer was able to fill roughly 63 prescriptions for oxycodone, totaling roughly 5,100 pills she got illegally. The total volume added up to 153,000 milligrams. Jackson received roughly 47 total prescriptions for a total volume of roughly 129,600 milligrams.

Both are set to be sentenced for their crimes on September 28, 2021. If convicted of the charges, they could each face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Cases against the other 13 people in the conspiracy are pending at this time.