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Retired IRS Supervisory Specialty Agent Adds Invaluable Experience To Financial Forensics Firm

Robert Church, Managing Member, and Founder of White Collar, LLC a national firm specializing in financial forensics, governmental investigations, and healthcare matters, is pleased to announce the association of Phil Hull as Managing Director to the company.  The Company represents both plaintiffs and defendants in these increasingly complex matters.

Hull, a Madison, MS native and retired Criminal Investigator for the Internal Revenue Service and Contract Investigator and Consultant for a myriad of financial institutions brings many valuable additional assets to White Collar, LLC, Church said.

“We are extremely excited to associate with this incredibly experienced professional join the firm, ” Church commented. “Having worked with Phil many times over the past 30 years and thus being aware of his expertise and hands-on knowledge of the work White Collar, LLC does, his association adds even more capabilities to the Company and our clients across the United States..”

A Mississippi State University graduate, Hull has garnered national recognition and spoken to numerous organizations all over the country on matters ranging from money laundering to compliance. Among his extensive listing of credentials, awards, recognition and experience, Hull has reviewed several thousand Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs) and SARS, was selected as Federal Law Enforcement Employee of the Year in Jackson, Mississippi for 2005 and received the national award as IRS Criminal Investigation “Special Agent of the Year” for 2004-2005.

“Phil is truly one of the most knowledgeable and experienced veterans in the field, ” Church acknowledges, “and his list of accomplishments takes up several pages. His joining White Colla, LLC enhances our capabilities immediately and immensely.”

“It’s an honor to join Rob and White Collar, LLC,” Hull said. “There are several things I intend to focus on now with the company, most importantly perhaps is returning ill-gotten monies back to the hands of the victims of corporate and healthcare crimes. Unfortunately, this is rarely seen as a priority and we believe it should be,” Hull continued.

“We strive to fight for the ‘underdog’ in the cases we handle and are aggressive in doing so,” Hull went on, explaining another aspect of White Collar LLC’s work. “If your client is innocent you have to do a great deal of exculpatory investigating and evidence-finding to present to the government along with, conversely, preparing for trial and testifying after an indictment. Justice for the victim is of the utmost importance to me and to Rob and his staff, as well.”

White Collar, LLC is a national leader in addressing the increasingly complex and diverse matters associated with business and healthcare in today’s rapidly changing work environment. The company has conducted engagements in 34 states and specifically tailor their services to meet the specific and specialized needs of its clients in all matters of litigation, false claims, qui tam, Medicare, Medicaid and healthcare issues, and investigations.

For more information, contact Rob Church at 901-251-0060, go to www.WhiteCollarLLC.com or contact Criss Public Relations at CrissPublicRelations@gmail.com

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